• Main Application:ZS series lamination screening is applied for continuous screening of powder and inhomogencous granulates in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and food stuff etc. Working principle:This machine is comprised of hopper,vibrating chamber, coupling and motor etc., Where the vibrating chamber is composed by eccentric wheel,rubber part, spindle and bearing etc. when eccentric weight is conveyed to the centerline of spindle through motor driving ,it generates centrifugal force under unbalanced state,by which, material is forced to form regular eddy inside, and the amplitude of the weight adjuster can be regulated according to different material and screens .the whole machine features […]
  • Main Application:Designed and modified by importing the advanced foreign technology and in combination with GMP standard, this machine is widely used for grading and screening of industrial raw materials in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, metallurgy and electronics etc. Working principle:This machine is comprised of screen box, Vibration source and damper, vibrating frame and screen box are connected with 4-12 group soft rubber dampers fixed up and down, and the centrifugal force is generated therein, the floating amplitude is controlled by the damper, by which, material realizes a process of throw and lamination filtration downward, and therefore reaching the […]
  • Main Application:Being an ideal screening equipment applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff trades etc.. this machine is particularly used for screening of high fiber, high viscosity, high humidity, electrostatic and easy blocked materials. Working principle:Material is fed into the screen box through screw conveyor, continuous rotation of the vane pushes the material forward, fine material is fallen from the screen, and the coarse material is further advanced and discharged from the coarse oblique port, and thus reaching the ideal screening effect.   Model Production capacity Meshes screen Motor power Spindle speed Weight LXS-250 60-800kg/h 20-300mesh 5.5kw 960r/min 250kg LXS-350 200-1800kg/h 20-300mesh […]
  • Main Application:This machine is applied for continuous screening of powder and inhomogeneous granulates in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc. Features:Comprised of vertical vibration motor, screen base, mesh frame, screening chamber and rubber vibration ring etc, this machine can he used either for single layer or multilayer grading, featuring compact structure, convenient handle and maintenance, stable operation, low noise, large handling, small size and strong availability etc.   Model Production capacity Meshes screen Vibration frequencyed Motor power Overall dimension Weight ZS-400 40-500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 600*500*1100mm 200kg ZS-600 200-1500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 800*700*1150mm 250kg ZS-800 200-2500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min […]
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